DEVE 今次透過與海洋地理頻道(Ocean Geographic)合作
#bluemonday 系列,在通過使用最精美的圖像和熱情洋溢的海洋文章,鼓勵人們更加欣賞我們海洋星球的美麗和脆弱性。

Ocean Geographic是澳洲的海洋雜誌,並透過海洋環境的延伸喚醒對自然世界的保存和保護。

Ocean Geographic是一個以海洋為重點的社會組織,通過利用信息進行有意義、有說服力的和啟發性的活動,並堅信我們確實可以通過與人和諧相處而為我們所有人創造一個更美好的自然世界。

而DEVE 平台希望透過這股愛海洋的力量,與Ocean Geographic 齊心通過啟發世界上的海洋公民維護我們的自然世界,激發人類對自然的同情心。



透過帶出不同方向的海洋污染問題, 宣揚海洋保育、環保等資訊,並透過訪 問不同海洋專家去理解海洋污染的數據 及嚴重性。

This is one of the key themes.
It will promote marine conservation, environmental protection and other information by bringing out marine pollution issues in different directions, and by understanding different marine experts to understand the data and severity of marine pollution.



In addition to local diving information, it also brings out the characteristics of diving in different places through foreign diving sites. The goal is mainly not many characteristic dive sites and stories online.

改為:In addition to local diving information, we also bring out the characteristics of different diving sites by introducing foreign sites. The goal is to introduce diving sites and impressive diving stories with less exposure.


About DEVE

The Deeper you go,

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Marine News

To share latest information and marine news with divers and ocean lovers. Constantly provides useful information on Hong Kong and foreign oceans.


By using simple diving instructions, the awareness of safe diving is aroused. Diving as a means to bring more people into contact with the ocean.

Ocean Store

Discuss consignment products with different diving brands, and design different marine products with local designers, such as marine skin care products, marine sunglasses, marine Tee, and environmentally friendly recycled water bottles, tableware, etc.